2014 Blue Dot, "Portrait of Yesenia," Terra-cotta fired. Art Students League.

2013 Blue Dot, "Bust," Casted plaster. Art Students League.

2012 Blue Dot, "Wood Montage on Glass." Art Students League.

2010 Best in Show, "Experimental Drawings,"  Art Students League.

2010 Best in Show, "Lupita in a Hurry," sculpture, plaster patinated.  Art Students League.

2011 Representative for the First Annual M2M Program, Resin, cement and casted aluminum. Art Student League. 

2009 Blue Dot, "Portrait," Art Students League.

2009 Best in Show, "Conceptual Abstractions," Art Student League.

2008 Gabriela Mistral Foundation, Award Commission, "Gabriela Mistral," bronze statuette awarded to Chilean President Michelle Bachelet. 

2003 Cleo Hartwig Award, "Wood Sculpture," Audubon Artists of America.